Agricultural Almanac for the Year 1874, Life As I Find It (Poor Little Stephen Girard)


Author: Mark Twain

Quoting from BAL
“3358. Agricultural Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1874 . . .
Lancaster: Printed and Sold by John Baer’s Sons, No. 15 North Queen Street East Side…<n.d., 1873>


‘Life As I Find It,’ p. <31>. Otherwise ‘Poor Little Stephen Girard.’ Note: Johnson, p. 252, states that this piece was published in Humor: Treasure Trove Series, Boston, 1873. However, no book of that date and title has been found. Contemporary advertisements indicate that the Treasure Trove Series was not issued until 1875; further, the announcements state that the series was to comprise ten volumes and none was announced under the title Humor. The series appears to have been abandoned after publication of the third volume.”
End of quote from BAL

The story involved here, Life As I Find It (or Little Stephen Girard), after years in BAL as a Twain item was apparently shown a few years ago to have been written by someone else. This piece, therefore, though in BAL as being by Twain, is not by him and but remains a very interesting and uncommon Twain-related item. Here is a link to the explanation of how it was shown to be by someone other than Twain.

Note that on page A 2, under “1874;” the word “the” is printed upside down (scan provided). I also have a copy with “the” correctly printed.


Good with torn and bent corners and general tattering of edges. Back cover is split from spine from bottom about one fourth of the way up. Spine has apparently been hand-stitched as a repair.

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