Harper’s Magazine December, 1866, Contains “Forty-Three Days In An Open Boat” by Mark Twain


Author: Mark Twain

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Volume 34, No. 199, December, 1866. This was Twain’s first writing to appear in a national magazine. In the publisher’s bound volumes the article was credited to “Mark Swain” in the index. In the individual issue, there is no credit to the author. After the title, it reads, “Compiled from personal diaries”. At the end of the piece, it states, “Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, July, 1866”.

The bound volumes are far more common than the individual issues. Offered here is the individual issue.

The magazine is intact, but showing wear. The spine is chipped with sections missing. The back cover is missing the bottom third or a little more. The magazine is intact, but showing wear. The covers are soiled and stained, with a water stain on the bottom edge that persists into the interior pages, though generally not as high. The front cover remains pretty well attached with about an inch or so at the bottom separated. The rear cover is attached only at the top quarter or so of the page. It is frayed along the edges.

The spine is chipped and some separation can be seen at the bottom of the first and last signatures. Still they are holding together well over the top two-thirds of the magazine. When going through the magazine a page at a time, the pages feel well connected.

The bottom page edges have some chipping, short tears, and curling. The side edges do too, but not as much and are generally good. The top edges are in overall good condition. There is some internal soiling, but the pages are generally clean and they are unmarked.

The story runs from page 104 through page 113, which are in good condition.

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