The Gilded Age


Author: Mark Twain

1st Edition. BAL 3357. Three-quarter morocco. Hartford imprint. 1874. Eschol Sellers (1st state); Page xvi the final illustration is numbered 211 (1st state); Page 246 line 5 from bottom no comma after Hallelujah (1st state); Page 280 line 18 period present after Dr. Jackson (1st state); Page 403 no illustration (1st state); Pages 351 – 353 no repeated lines.

Overall a very nice copy. The leather is well worn along the exterior hinges and moderately so on the corners. On the interior, though the paper is cracked, the hinges are quite sound. There are no internal markings.The fold-out is present and attached with a little of the top portion being unsecured. It is in good shape with a couple of creases, a small tear on the bottom part at one of the folds, and a tear at the top of one panel that has been secured on the back side with some paper that has print on it. On the whole, this is an 1874 1st edition copy with all 1st issue points except the rare repeated lines, and it is in nice condition.

Book ID 6088