Harper’s Magazine March, 1898, Poster, “Stirring Times in Austria Described by Mark Twain”


Author: Mark Twain

Harper’s Magazine Poster, “Stirring Times in Austria Described by Mark Twain”, March 1898. Designed by Edward Penfield. This item includes the March, 1898 issue of Harper’s Magazine. The article runs from page 530 through page 540.

The poster is in generally good to very good condition. The scan does not show the actual colors with total accuracy. It subdues the colors some. Still, I believe the colors are faded. The color of Twain’s coat and the lettering in the bottom part of the poster are not as bright, faded it seems from a rust orange to a sort light brown. That said, it is still an attractive and rare poster. The paper is a bit fragile and should be handled with care. There are some edge tears and some tape on the back, probably to stem edge tears. It can be seen that in places the printing from the front shows through on the back.

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