Handbill Advertisement for Charles Dickens Novels


Author: Charles Dickens

6″ x 3 1/4″ handbill, printed on light card stock, advertising Charles Dickens’s Novels Complete in Fifteen Volumes. Described as “The Autograph Edition” published by Lee & Shepard, Publishers, Boston.

I have tried to locate copies of this set or books from it and have not been successful. I did not find the set in The Gimbel Collection.

On the back of the handbill, there is an ad for a group of 8 ‘Golden Floral Novelty” books. I have found quite a number of these titles published by Lee and Shepard, including two, of different titles, that seem to meet the description from the handbill, primarily because they have fringe. One is dated 1883. The other is not dated on the title page. Based on this I think the card could date to 1883.

Book ID 5063