My Book Club Journal


Books clubs are great for meeting new people, learning about new books, and sharing perspectives about a reading hobby you enjoy. Book clubs are fun events where you share food and drink and other book related activities.

My Book Club Journal¬†can be used to prepare for an upcoming meeting. Document notes about the book you’ve been assigned to read. Be ready for a lively discussion with questions and comments about the story, the plot and the characters. Then at the actual get-together, amend your notes with attendees and their thoughts and ideas. Make memories and be sure to write about fun things that happened as well as any side activities that you witnessed or participated in.

This convenient 6 x 9 journal contains 200 pages. Four pages are provided for recording interesting features of each book and details pertinent to your book club gathering.

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A logbook for writing discussion notes to prepare for and use at your book club meeting Paperback.


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