The Mentor, Makers of American Humor, includes Mark Twain


Author: Mark Twain

Volume 1, No. 20, June 30, 1913. The magazine is basically an 11 page article on 6 “Makers of American Humor”. The article itself several pictures, including 2 with Mark Twain. The magazine also includes a 7″ x 9 1/2″ photo of each of the 6 humorists, and each photo has a write-up on the subject on the back. The 6 humorists are: Josh Billings, Artemus Ward, Bill Nye, Joel Chandler Harris, Frank Stockton, and Mark Twain.

The magazine is in very good condition with light general wear, a few short tears at the top of the front cover, and soft corners. The individual pictures are also in very good condition overall with some soft corners and age discoloration. The Mark Twain is the weakest as far as condition. It has a short, closed tear on the top left edge and creases on the top right and bottom left corners. Also, there is discoloration along the righ and bottom margins on the back. I have included some scans. Overall it is a nice article and set of photographs from 1913.

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