The Jumping Frog and Journalism in Tennessee


Author: Mark Twain

The Jumping Frog and Journalism in Tennessee published in wrappers in 1903 by Harper & Brothers. The hardback edition of The Jumping Frog, BAL 3477, was published in 1903. BAL states that all was reprinted from Sketches except for a note on pages 64-66. This Edition does not include that note.

This edition prints the story of The Jumping Frog, In English. Then In French. Then Clawed Back Into A Civilized Language Once More By Patient, Un-renumerated Toil. The same story is printed in the hardback edition and ends at page 56 of that volume. Then the hardback edition prints The Private History Of The “Jumping Frog” Story, followed by the note at pages 64-66.

This paperback edition does not include the Private History or the Note, but instead prints Journalism in Tennessee, which is also reprint material.

Still an interesting and uncommon Twain publication.

Doodles on the front cover. General wear, corners rounded, some generally light soiling. Sound.

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