Post Card Mark Twain Stewart & Woolf Innocents Abroad Series 306, Jack


Author: Mark Twain

Color. Divided back, unused. Series No. 306. Stewart & Woolf, London, E. C. Printed in Bavaria. This is from a series of characters from The Innocents Abroad. I have seen five different characters. The earliest postmark I have seen is September 3, 1908.

The bottom left corner, from the front, has been torn off. A piece of rigid paper has been glued across that corner on the back, apparently as a repair. When viewed from the back with the card turned for reading, the repair is in the top right corner and covers most of the stamp box. The back also has areas across it where the paper has been scraped away or pulled away somehow. Not a nice example, but it is an example of a fairly uncommon post card.

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