Mark Twain Mug Giffen True Porcelain Dine Dance Hartford


Author: Mark Twain

Porcelain mug of Mark Twain. White with blue eyes. Twain is wearing a hat like the one he is wearing in the frontisportrait of Following the Equator. I would call it a steamboat captain’s hat.

I do not have expertise in porcelain. I have seen a mug like this described as circa 1915. It reads on the bottom, “Giffen True Porcelain/ Mark Twain/ Dine-Dance/ Hartford/ F. Soldate-Pres.”

I have seen a similar mug without blue eyes. I have also seen one on which the information on the bottom reads “Giffen True Porcelain/Mark Twain/ By Enrold? Victel?”. The question marks are to indicate that I cannot discern the name.

The mug is in very good condition.

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