Harpers Mark Twain 70th Birthday Special


Author: Mark Twain

Harpers Magazine, December 23, 1905 The first half of the magazine seems to be the regular issue. Then the second half covers the celebration at Delmonico’s Of Twain’s 70th birthday held on December 5, 1905. There are about 8 pages of speeches and tributes and numerous pages of swells sitting at their tables at the event.

The magazine measures about 9 1/2″ x 13 1/4″. It is in very good condition. It seems to be bound with a combination of string hinges and glue and is holding together well, though there are places where it is a little bit fragile when fully opened. If there was a spine label, and I’m not sure, it is now gone. Comes in a clear, rigid protector.

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